www.VermontRacing.com is owned, operated, toiled over and sworn at by a two laid-back 'club racing' guys from Vermont (Steve "Fahrvergnugen" and Tim "zoom-zoom-zoom". Steve loves Volkswagens (and perhaps the Subaru and Volvo) and Tim loves Mazdas... but, we like all cars! (pretty well rounded) We felt a need to have a web site that was NOT tied into any particular make of automobile, type of event, venue, et cetera that we could update at our pace. So, we are about racing, showing, driving, and getting together with our other automobile enthusiasts.

We welcome any comments, suggestions about our site. We will continue to update our site as long as it is fun. When it becomes work.... well, I don't see any pay checks here.

Like the pictures? If you like one, grab it from the site. Or, better yet, you can e-mail us and we can e-mail you the full-size image. Most images start at 3456x2300. We then 'dummy them down' to post on the web site so you don't need to spend your life waiting for the images to load. You have better things to do like work on your car and order some performance parts.

We only ask that you give credit where credit is due.

We are not about street racing. We understand that a well organized event with regulations, classes, rules, and insurance in a controlled environment is best for both competitor and spectator along with the entire club racing community.

Check out the Club Links Page for local clubs.

Regards and happy driving (and racing).... keep it safe.

- Steve, Tim, Nick

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